The first six months of 2022 had a strong showing for the church in terms of ministries, missions, building, and financial activities. As we get further and further away from the past two years of struggles from Covid-19, our ministries are starting to return to normal. Groups are meeting again, community organizations are utilizing our space, the youth and children ministries are getting back on a regular schedule, and the office has expanded its open hours. We are aware that there are still variants of the virus around us and do take precautions whenever it is necessary and prudent. The health of our congregation, community, and staff are still, and will always be, our priority. The Missions Finance Team is on hiatus for the summer, but before they took a break, they were able to allocate $50,000 from the Easter Offering. Our church is very generous. There are a few building projects in the works, and you will hear more about those in the coming weeks. They are both inside and outside. Finally, on the general church budget, we do have an operating surplus for the first six months of the year although giving tends to slow down in the summer. As always, we appreciate your faithful sharing of prayers and resources, whether financial or not. Thanks for everything you do on behalf of Summit Church.

-Robb Bourdon