The church has been blessed by a level of giving that has far exceeded all expectations during a pandemic. Not only funding for the general operating budget, but to special ministries such as the Bringing Hope Friday campaign last summer, the Native Hope Ministry, and the most recent Christmas Offering. Every time we asked our church family to consider giving of their time or money, you responded in amazing fashion. I cannot express how thankful all of us are that we get to serve on the staff or in a volunteer leadership position. The Missions Finance Team normally selects four organizations to receive the funds from the Christmas Offering, but went with only two this year in anticipation of seeing much lower donations. While the total was slightly less than usual at $90,000 it far exceeded their wildest dreams and the team will be able to fully meet the requests from Habitat for Humanity in Durango and the Acacia Ranch Orphanage in Kenya. Thank you so much!! Shifting gears, the end-of-year giving statements will be going out soon, no later than January 21st. These go out via email to the primary person listed on the account for your household. Total giving must equal $250 or more, per IRS guidance. If you don’t get a statement, check with your other household members or look in your Spam folder. We are more than happy to email you a separate statement if you don’t seem to get one by the 21st. Be well, Robb Bourdon.