We Are Now Accepting Donations to Our Easter Offering

Our two Easter Offering recipients have been selected.

The Missions Finance Team (MFT) of the church recently met and reviewed all of the applications for this year’s Easter Offering Campaign. The Easter Offering Campaign is similar to our Christmas Offering event. Every year 100% of the funds designated to the offering go to the selected recipients. Not all applicants are chosen and there are usually 2-3 more requests than can be a part of the campaign. This year the MFT selected the Mercy Health Foundation Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Southwest Colorado Community Corrections Center. Both projects were capital in nature in that they needed work done on their spaces in order to be efficient, comfortable, and safe for the clients they serve. The Mercy NICU funds will be used to finish a new wellness center for parents and families who are visiting the infants or moms in the hospital while the baby resides in the Intensive Care Unit due to medical complications during childbirth. Some can stay as long as three months. The Community Corrections Center funding will be used to upgrade their current space to become cleaner and more efficient than currently exists as it is an older building. While the Center gets low-cost land from the City of Durango it is required to maintain the building to certain standards. The Center helps men and women who are transitioning from being incarcerated back into the greater community as a whole. Again, all of your donations will go to the two organizations. Finally, while other applicants were not chosen, the MFT did award a $10,000 to the Adaptive Golf Program to purchase a 2nd para mobile cart so that those with disabilities can enjoy the game of golf. Please contact the church office if you have any questions. Donations can be made in checks, cash, and online with a credit card, selecting Easter Offering. You may also designate all of your offering to one of the two recipients, Mercy Health Foundation or Southwest Colorado Community Corrections Center.