Many of us are heading into the last few weeks of 2020 wanting it to get here as fast as it can. It has been a long, rough year for lots of people due to Covid-19, natural disasters, and a roller coaster economy. But, with news of a potential vaccine on the way sometime in 2021, things are looking up. As you begin to look at how you may wish to give to the church before the end of the year, there are a few options for you to consider. Of course there is the standard gift via a check, cash, or credit card. So many of you have been faithful in your tithing the past few months and we appreciate it as we continue to deliver worship services and ministries to the best of our ability during a pandemic. Several of you have chosen to donate appreciated shares of stock, which is nice because you get credit for the value of the shares when you donate them, not what you paid for them. There are some changes to the Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from IRA’s this year, however, that has been a popular avenue for giving and the donation would still be tax deductible even if you aren’t necessarily required to take it this year. So, where can you allocate your donation? I mentioned the support of our ongoing worship services and ministries above, which are all supported by the church general budget. We are also running a special Christmas Offering campaign this year with the money going to Habitat for Humanity in Durango and the Acacia Ranch in Kenya, which is a rescue children for children who are orphaned or abandoned. A smaller amount will also go to our General Missions Fund which is used to financially support throughout the year when a disaster hits or when community organizations need extra funding to deliver services. 100% of all money received from the Christmas Offering goes to these selected causes. As always, we appreciate your support of prayers, participation and offerings. Please consult your financial advisor or CPA before making any decisions regarding donating via your IRA or other fund. Robb Bourdon