It has been a while since I last sent out an update on how the church is doing financially and with our facilities. Since COVID came about we have seen a tremendous change in giving to the church budget and various ministry projects. Our online giving via credit card, debit card, and direct withdrawals from your bank accounts, has increased substantially the past few months. Conversely, the contributions we normally receive via checks or even cash have dropped by an equal amount. Thankfully we had a process in place ahead of time for online giving or we may have fallen way behind in terms of supporting our operations and various ministries. As of now, we are actually running a little bit of a surplus in the church general budget due to consistent giving by you and having reduced our expenses proportionally during the pandemic. Thank you! Stay tuned for a special announcement coming in the next few weeks for our 2020 Christmas Offering!

In terms of facilities, we have ironically seen a benefit from being closed for a while in that several building projects were completed without interfering with various groups or other meetings. The main project was the new flooring and paint in the Sanctuary and the removal of the pews. Some of you have expressed sadness at the pews no longer being available for seating and we understand that. With COVID, it will be much easier to clean chairs than pews due to the fabric, etc. Plus, we can accommodate a few more people with chairs, which for those of you who attended the 9:30 service you know how full that could get. We are starting the process of looking for new chairs and will hopefully have them in place by Thanksgiving or Christmas. We have also completed the following updates, repairs and maintenance around our buildings since the spring: new sewer line at the parsonage; repaired the stucco on several areas of the church and replaced the woodwork around the outside of the stained glass window; had a new front sign installed with our logo and name; repaired the stucco and had a new door installed in the garage; purchased an electro static sprayer and four sanitizing hand washing stations for cleanliness around the building; purchased a new computer for the Sanctuary; finished up various plumbing projects; and had the parking lot refinished and striped. While our church is all about the people who enter our doors, we want you to be safe and comfortable while you are here. Robb Bourdon.