God wants to use each of us, individually and collectively, to be the Body of Christ for others. If our lifetime goal is maturity in Christ (through worship, discipleship, and mission), we need to start with ourselves. We need to be the best we can possibly be if we are to serve Him as He desires. We all need our batteries recharged. Plugging into the Source is the way God designed us. May Holy Spirit power be our 2021 goal.

This course will provide the student with insight into God’s original design of human at creation, present a spiritual understanding to Biblical Wholeness, present the relation of the fall (dis-ease and the tree of knowledge), examine the wisdom of God, the strategies of the enemy’s attack and offer insight into dealing with Damaged Emotions. Balancing Body-Mind-Spirit is the culmination of the prescription that God offers us through faith and Christian Community

Course Details:

Book: Healing for Damaged Emotions , David Seamands, 2015

Date: Friday, August 20th 9am – 4pm and Saturday, August 21st 9am – 12pm

Location: Summit Church Fellowship Hall

Cost: $20, includes book and Friday lunch.

*Books can be picked up at the Summit Church Office. Please make a check payable to Summit Church and include Biblical Wholeness Retreat in the memo line.

Registration: Please contact Donna Stone @ dstone1975@sbcglobal.net