Find Local Support as You Navigate Your Grieving Process

Our Living with Loss grief group has recently been discontinued as the facilitator was unable to continue. As an alternative, we have included information below about other grief groups in the community should you wish to seek help as you go through your grief process.

Grief Groups

Hospice of Mercy will be offering an 8-week grief support group April 6 – May 25 on Wednesday afternoons 3 PM – 5 PM. The group is available, free of charge, to adults ages 18 and over, who are at least 2 months out from the death of their loved one. If interested, please contact Sara Barnes, 970-764-3532, no later than April 4.

The Grief Center of Southwest Colorado is currently taking names for a child-loss group, a spouse loss group, and a teen grief group. The groups they currently have are:

  1. Survivors of suicide loss
  2. Loss to substance-related death
  3. Parents of young children who have lost their partners.
  4. Childrens’ grief groups

If you are interested in any of the groups at The Grief Center of Southwest Colorado, please ​call 970-764-7142 or email


For help beyond these resources please contact the Summit Church Director of Caring Ministries, Julia Griffith, by email or by phone (970) 247-4213 x107