Pastor Jeff will lead The Journeys of the Apostle Paul trip to Greece on October 2 – 9, 2022. The tour begins in Athens and follows Paul’s journey to Corinth, where he established a church and wrote two epistles. We will travel on to Delphi, the religious center of the ancient Greek world, and to Thessaloniki, where Paul wrote to the Thessalonian church. We will follow Paul’s footsteps to Philippi and will see where he preached and where he was imprisoned. Our last stop will be Neapolis, one of Greece’s most picturesque ports where Paul landed with Silas and Timothy. An optional cruise to Turkey and several Greek Islands beginning in Athens and traveling to Mykonos, Ephesus, Patmos and Santorini. This tour is September 28 – October 3, 2022 and will end in Athens to meet the rest of the group. We hope you will join us!! Trip brochures are available in the church atrium.

To register online click HERE.

Host or Group Leader: Pastor Jeff Huber
Host or Group Leaders ID: 54620

Contact Georgene Mills with questions.