Saturday, November 7
10:00am to 3:30pm
Summit Church Parking Lot

You can help make a difference for those living on the Navajo Reservation. Many families there have no electricity, running water, or reliable transportation. Covid-19 continues to take a toll, and as winter approaches, life becomes more difficult. Many will face hunger and cold. Now and throughout the winter, our Native Hope Ministries will be visiting homes and providing food, supplies, water and firewood as needed. Your donations will help make that possible.

Please help us by donating non-perishable food items, household supplies, and products. Donations will be taken in the parking lot and you will not have to leave your car.

Accepted Items:
canned fruit in juice vegetable oil
canned vegetables coffee
cereal hot chocolate mix
soups powdered milk
pasta all purpose cleaner
spaghetti sauce bar soap
pinto beans dish soap
canned meats hand sanitizer
tuna bleach
peanut butter laundry detergent
jelly toilet paper
crackers facial tissues
raisins, dried fruit paper towels
nuts diapers
flour feminine hygiene products

For more information, please email Marcia Heidenreich:
To volunteer, email Janelle Meyer: