Rachel Circle, a small group within United Women in Faith, was scheduled to meet at the church on Wednesday, August 10, but due to a conflict with Eagle Lake Camp, this meeting must be changed. The group will meet on Wednesday, August 17 at 1:30 p.m. in Wesley Parlor. Joni Bender will be our hostess for this meeting and Diane Trembly will give the devotion and program. Everyone is invited, even if you have never attended one of our meetings. You will find welcoming fellowship, along with the devotion and program, and of course, refreshments.

Rachel Circle will provide cookies for our college ministry, Rooted, on the first Wednesday of September. Members may bring their cookies to the church kitchen any time on September 7.

Did you know you can learn about United Women in Faith by visiting their website, uwFaith.org? You can also become a member of United Women in Faith by visiting the same website. If you cannot attend our local meetings, you may be interested in becoming a member nationally. Check out the website here.