The Guatemala medical team scheduled to depart in early January is in need of large suitcases. No carry-on size please.

The Guatemala team goes to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala and works with an already established mission – Friends of San Lucas.  We have been taking medical teams since 2012 and have taken 15 teams.  Our teams work in a number of indigenous Mayan rural villages in the area around San Lucas. We take most all of the medicine and medical equipment, and so we need suitcases in which to haul all these supplies.  For the most part, we provide general medical exams/services/medicine, however, we often have a specialist along that can provide some specialized care if so (dermatologist, cardiologist, asthma specialist, physical therapist, etc.).  In addition, we provide dental and vision services if we have a dentist and/or optometrist on the team.  We work alongside, and are guided by, the mission hospital staff and the rural health promotors, all of whom are local Guatemalans.

Help our Guatemala team with this mission and donate your suitcases. Call Larry Turner and he can arrange to take them off your hands. We have a very large amount of medicine and supplies to transport this trip. Thanks for your support!

Larry Turner: (970) 749-2646