Strategic Initiatives

2022 Leadership Summit Video

Watch our 2022 Leadership Summit video to catch up on our most recent updates for our Summit Church Initiatives! Our initiatives are specific ideas and goals that we plan to implement by 2025 to achieve our vision for the future.

How will we find out about the Zoom or In-person gathering? Who will be included in that invitation?

Details for these events can be found below. These details contain information about the Unstuck Coaching Process and Strategic Initiatives. Our in-person leadership event, currently scheduled for Thursday, May 19 from 5:30 to 8 p.m., will include dinner, and is open to all those in leadership at Summit Church, as well as those who might be interested moving forward. We will also have a Zoom meeting scheduled for May 19th for those who cannot join us in person. More details to come.
How can I get a copy of the documents presented in the video, such as the Discipleship Pathway, New Organization Chart, Strategic Initiative Reports, etc.?
You can find these on this web page. We will be posting information on “what’s new” below as we work with Unstuck.
What areas currently exist for me to serve?
You may contact our Next Steps Director, Jake Forsythe ( or you can check out this web page which lists other opportunities to serve.
How can I participate in any of these new initiatives? I have ideas from other churches I have been to about our programs and services and want would like to share those. Who should I contact?

The leaders of each of our initiatives are listed below, along with their contact information. Please reach out to them directly. You may also contact Tami Joslin directly (

What does it mean to be in the Sustained Health versus Maintenance phase in the church life cycle?
You can find more information on the church life cycle and descriptions for each phase here, on the Unstuck Group website. Our church took their Church Health Assessment as part of our coaching process that helped us determine our location on the church life cycle.
Who is on the Directional Team, and how are the members chosen?
You can find a list and pictures of our Directional Team members here, as well as a description of how leadership is selected at Summit Church.
A Strategic Project Manager (volunteer) position was mentioned that needs to be filled. What is involved, and could I be a good fit for that position?

You can find all open staff positions, paid and unpaid, on this webpage, along with current job descriptions for them.

If I want to start a class or a small group at the church, is that possible right now?
Yes, that would be awesome! You can fill out this form and Jake, our Next Steps Director, will be in touch with you soon.
I'm already in a community group. Will I have to change groups as part of the Discipleship Pathway?
All existing groups will be placed in our new Discipleship Pathway. Persons only change groups if they choose to do so.
These changes sound great, and I’m excited for where Summit is going. Still, with all the talk of reaching young families and younger children, I’m not sure where I fit in because that doesn’t describe my life situation. Is there anything for me, and how can I be a part of all of this?
We have many opportunities to serve and offerings in our Discipleship Pathway to help everyone take their next step and grow. We know that when we make an effort to reach young families and younger children it enables the entire church to remain vital for generations to come, and we also know this effort must be intentional. We hope all adults will invest in future generations in some way as that is one of our core values.
There has been a lot of talk about the Three Springs Campus at Summit Church. Where does this fit in to our current ministry?
We are still planning to have a campus in Three Springs in the future, and this initiative will be included in more detail in the next phase of Unstuck initiatives, once we have reached Sustained Health. We anticipate the land will be deeded over to us in the next year and our Directional Team, acting as Summit Church Trustees, will handle those details as they arise.

Worship Initiative

Our worship initiative was formed to seek out accomplishing this goal from Summit’s 2025 Vision: “Updating in-person and online experiences to be relevant and compelling so that 1,000 people are regularly engaging in a Summit worship service each week.This sentence is the team’s rallying cry at every meeting, and the filter through which every idea is strained.  

Next Generation

Our Next Generation initiative was formed to seek out accomplishing this goal from Summit’s 2025 Vision: “Reimagining our facility and creating irresistible environments and ministry for kids and students.” 

Discipleship Pathway

Our Discipleship Pathway was formed to seek out accomplishing this goal from Summit’s 2025 Vision: “Establishing a “Discipleship Path” that has clear entry points and next steps for everyone, no matter where they’re at on their faith journey.” 

Who's on this team?

The Worship Initiative team is a small group of thoughtful & creative people who have a diverse background of worship experiences, and a passion for imagining the future of worship at summit church. 

Ely Cartwright – Weekend Experience Director, Summit Church (
Stacey Franco – Creative Director, Summit Church
Jenny Wickett – Directional Team, Building & Grounds, Worship Team
Josh Mendrala – Rooted College & Young Adult Coordinator, Worship Leader
Eric Ochocki – Worship Team
Jen Peterson – Worship Team

What's already been done?

We’ve changed our Sunday morning service times from 8am and 9:30am to 9am, 10:30am, and 11:55am. This accomplishes our goal of giving our largest attended time-slot (9am-11am) two service options to choose from, instead of just one. Our Saturday evening service at 5:30pm will stay the same. 

We’ve updated and installed an entirely new lighting system in our Sanctuary. This accomplishes our goal of making our online service just as comfortable and high quality as it is in the sanctuary. Plus, the quality of sitting in our sanctuary will go up with a more visually pleasing lighting display!

We’ve re-done the cabinets that once stood in the back “narthex” of the Sanctuary. Our old cabinets did not have doors on the shelves and made the first impression of our worship space “cluttered and dark.” Our new, white shelves with doors give us more storage than we’ve had in the past and open the space and keep it bright!

We also finally have chairs in our worship space instead of pews! Our pews have been falling apart and in need of repair for years. We’ve moved forward and replaced the pews with individual chairs that interlock instead. 

What are your other goals?

Our other goals at this time are to research and go out and visit other churches of our size both online and in-person. We will take notes, pick and choose the things we loved, and hopefully implement those things into our services. 

Another goal is to re-paint the front of the sanctuary over the next month. The point of this would be to make the stage setting more dynamic and draw the congregant’s eye down to the stage itself. 

How can I get more information?

You can get more information on our worship initiative by reaching out to Ely, the head of the team at

Who's on this team?

The Next Generation team is a small group of parents at Summit Church who have a passion for Kid’s ministry and making space available and worthy of a return trip to the church. 

Jen Peterson
Ashleigh Ewing
Magan Garcia

What's already been done?

We’ve switched up our kid’s programming on weekends to reflect Summit church better.

What are your other goals?

To be updated

How can I get more information?

You can get more information on our Next Gen initiative by reaching out to Jen, the head of the team at

Who's on this team?

The Discipleship Pathway team is a small group of thoughtful & caring people who attend Summit who have taken our mission of loving God, loving others, and sharing the good news to heart. 

Jake Forsythe (
Eric Meyer
Derek Sawyer
Katy Kopek
Wade Griffith
Tami Joslin

What's already been done?

We’ve created clear entry points on our discipleship path for anyone on the spectrum of “spiritually curious” to “spiritual leader.” That information can be found HERE.

What are your other goals?

Here is our goal timeline:


  • Summit Leadership Conference for staff and lay leaders (May 19)
  • Special Baptism Services
  • Weekly “Prayer Gatherings” & seasonal Prayer Labyrinths/24 Hour Prayer Vigils
  • Sermon series around “relational evangelism” called B.L.E.S.S.
    • September 17/18 – November 19/20
  • “Summit U” on Wednesday nights in the fall
    • B.L.E.S.S. / Disciple Bible Study / Leadership from the Heart / FPU
    • Launch new Small Groups afterwards



  • Expand Summit Leadership Conference to include more of the congregation
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Sermon Series in the Spring & Emotionally Healthy Relationships Sermon Series in the Fall
  • Add EHS & EHR Courses to options for “Summit U”
    • Launch new Small Groups afterwards



  • Expand Summit Leadership Conference to include other local churches
  • Plan new sermon series & studies that can be added to the “Summit U” options



  • Expand Summit Leadership Conference to include churches outside of Durango
  • Expand “Summit U” to include options for children & youth during the school year if/when the facility is remodeled & has more space
    • Dinner/Children’s Programming/Youth Group/Adult Courses/etc.

How can I get more information?

You can get more information on our Discipleship Pathway initiative by reaching out to Jake, the head of the team at