Join the Summit Kids for some fun in the sun at Lake Nighthorse on Saturday August 13 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm!
All Summit kids must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
Bring your own lunch; water will be available.
Bring your sandles and water toys and paddle board or boat.
Parking is limited, so carpool and arrive early.
Entrance fees will be paid by Summit Church for those who do not have a pass.

Lake Nighthorse Swim Beach and Wibit Aqua Park Rules:
‣ Wibit Aqua Park opens at 10 am
‣ No headfirst entry into the water
‣ No fishing or pets allowed
‣ Remote-control watercraft toys not permitted
‣ Life jacket required on Aqua Park at all times (provided,) otherwise no flotation devices allowed on the Wibit
‣ Remove watches, jewelry, keys, or other sharp objects before entering the Aqua Park
‣ Never swim underneath any of the inflatables
‣ Shoes not allowed on the Aqua Park.
‣ There is a separate hard-surface launch pad for paddle craft at the swim beach outside of the Aqua Park

Questions? Call Ashleigh @ 970-247-4213