Dear Summit Church family,
Let me start with three simple words…I miss you! While I am grateful we can worship online, I miss your energy, presence and laughter at my bad jokes. I also miss the opportunity to gather in person and wrestle with how God might speak to us regarding the racial tension and unrest we are experiencing as a nation. I plan to speak about this in my VLOG this week and in our worship services this weekend as we talk about having, “Courage to Face the Future.” I think it is most critical we ask God for guidance and not simply listen to commentaries that can
bombard us from every angle in this 24-hour, 7 day a week media world. Seeking God’s voice is also critical when we consider when to re-open our church building. Towards the end of May, the President declared houses of worship “essential” and demanded that Governors allow worship services (provided such houses meet CDC guidelines). Some may have interpreted from that announcement that Summit Church would immediately re-open; it is a bit more complicated.
First, the President asked Governors to open churches and the Governor of Colorado did not choose to do that. Secondly, we closed before we were legally mandated to do so because that is where God led us; we will open using the same criteria. Third, having our style of worship services with a myriad of restrictions would be unmanageable. Finally, when we do return to worship, it needs to be very close to the worship environment we enjoyed before the shut-down. Here is what we are doing as we prepare for reopening:
1. Seeking God
2. Continuing to offer financial help to people most affected by the pandemic
3. Offering devotions Monday to Friday at 9 a.m. on all our platforms (YouTube page; Facebook Live; Vimeo)
4. Continuing to bring hope by partnering with other agencies in our community serving the most at risk
5. Creating a Safety and Response Team that will make recommendations on when and how to reopen
6. Putting safety precautions into place as we plan for reopening
7. Improving our on-line experience and content as we phase in live resources
8. Reminding people, they can worship on-line as long as they wish
9. Reopening the church office, a couple days a week beginning June 8
10.Encouraging the development of “community groups in homes” beginning in June (more information is coming)
11.Listening to the congregation with the survey linked here and below. If you have some thoughts or ideas, we would love to hear from you! I believe we will be back. Link to Survey!
For those who fear we may come back too soon; we will clearly state what you can expect and the guidelines we will be following before we open. When we do open, please stay home if you don’t feel comfortable. For those who believe we should be back in June with no guidelines; we ask for your patience as we don’t yet feel released to do so. The bottom line is this: We will return when God gives us confirmation to do so and when we can offer the warm and welcoming worship services that define Summit Church.
As your Lead Pastor, I am committed to hearing from God; not waiting on politicians to tell us what to do and when to do it. We can never fully eradicate all health risks from public gatherings, but your church leadership will do all in our power to minimize them. Churches have a constitutional right and a Biblical mandate to meet. We also have an obligation to keep people safe and to be reasonable in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be a tipping point that brings us back to church and we are nearing it. Pray for us as we lead.
This will not last forever.
You are not alone.
You are a part of this community.
The worst thing is never the last thing and God is good!
Peace, Pastor Jeff
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