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Current Sermon Series

Thoughtful Faith in Challenging Times

If God is good, does God really condemn people? Is there really a heaven or hell? Do we have to choose between science and faith? How do I reconcile following Jesus with people who have done horrible things in the name of Christ? Why do I do with the lessons and stories of the Bible that seem confusing? Our world is full of suffering and need, so why doesn’t God cure cancer, or COVID, or other forms of suffering? Join us as we wrestle with these questions and more as with think through our faith in challenging times.

Your Next Steps

Wondering what your next steps are?  We would love to walk with you and help you take your next steps in your faith!

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Contemporary Services:
Saturdays @ 5:30pm
Sundays @ 9:30am
Traditional Service:
Sundays @ 8:00am


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