Who We Are

Native Hope Ministries, based at Summit Church, is an outreach of concerned members and non-members. Our part-time Navajo employees help us to assist individuals and families scattered across a wide area of the Navajo reservation.

Who We Serve

Within a few hours drive from Durango large numbers of people live in substandard homes, typically without electricity or running water, using wood stoves for heat. That means no ovens, no way to keep food cold, and no indoor plumbing. If windows are boarded up due to the cold, houses are dark inside. There may be no means of transportation. Because healthy food is not easily available, diabetes, heart disease and a shortened life expectancy are common.

What We Do


Our employees make deliveries to as many families as possible, to keep them supplied for heating and cooking needs.

Home Repairs

While trying to stretch dollars as far as possible, we repair holes in walls and roofs, add insulation and generally try to keep homes warmer and drier.


Using our heavy-duty truck and trailer, we make regular deliveries to families in need of clean water.

Solar Lighting

Our employees assemble and install simple solar lighting so that homes have at least one room with light in the evening hours.


The Family to Family program matches about 25 Navajo families with Durango-area families who send boxes of food and supplies to “their” family each month. In addition, we hand out food boxes to other families as needed.

…and More!

Providing clothes, blankets, diapers or other items, we work to meet individual needs.

How Can I Help?

Give Funds

Make your donation to Summit Church, click Fund/Missions/Sub Fund/Native Hope Ministry. With more dollars we can help more people.

Join Family to Family

We will help you match with a Navajo family in need. Or share the responsibility with a friend or a small group. Click Here for our current needs.

Donate Food

We have several food drives each year. Our next food drive will be Saturday, April 13, 2024 from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

Click Here to view a list of specific items that we are requesting.

Donate Downed Firewood

We can use larger quantities of logs and downed trees.


Click Here for our current list of opportunities.

Click here for our latest newsletter.

For more information email info.nativehopedurango@gmail.com

Building Community

Changing Lives

Bringing Hope