Contemporary Services

Saturday – 5:30PM
Sunday –  9:00AM

Our contemporary services have a full band playing many of the newest worship songs that are playing on the radio.

Traditional Service

Sunday – 11:00AM first Sunday of the month (Live-Streamed Only)

Our traditional service has a full choir along with the timeless hymns of the faith. Feel free to sing along and express yourself in worship.


2917 Aspen Drive
Durango, CO 81301

What Should I Wear?

There is no dress code at Summit Church. Just be yourself.  We are casual and laid back!  Come in your jeans, shorts, slacks, or suits.  You will not be judged by what you wear when you come to our church.

What about my kids?

All childcare and Sunday School programs offered for children are free.

Saturday-5:30PM,  Sunday-9:00AM 
Children sign in at the Child Check-in Station by the Fellowship Hall doors.

If interested in more information, contact Celia at the church office or via her e-mail address:

Welcome Center 

When you arrive, we encourage you to stop by our Connection Point! Grab a cup of coffee, and a sweet treat from the Sending Grounds Coffee Shop and make yourself comfortable as you wait for our service to begin.

What To Expect:

Summit Church offers a welcoming environment for both the long-time attendee and the first time guest.  There are two worship services to choose from each weekend with the 5:30pm Saturday, and 9:00am services on Sunday being led in music by the Praise Band.  If you would prefer more of a traditional setting, please join us online for our 11:00am traditional live-stream the first Sunday of the month!

There are also Sunday School, Bible Study, and other enrichment classes offered for adults throughout the week.  Some of the courses will be short-term in nature, up to 13 weeks, while others may go the entire year or beyond.  Summit Church follows the Methodist doctrine and has recently adopted a value statement of Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.  Anyone is welcome to join us and experience the power of Christ in a non-threatening setting.

Values, Mission & Vision:

The foundation of our church in Durango is built on a set of Values listed below. Each value has a behavior attached to it, as well as Bible readings the value is drawn from. Finally, we have tough questions we ask ourselves to help us determine if we are living into these values. These values are meant to be looked at both as a church body and as individual followers of Jesus.

Spiritual Experience: We are a community dedicated to prayer and worship. (Scripture – Philippians 4:6-7; Acts 2:42 and 47; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; James 5:16) Tough Question: Is daily prayer and regular worship a priority?

Global Service: We will be intentional members of a global community. (Scripture – Mark 10:45, Matthew 23: 11-12 and Romans 12:4-5) Tough Question: How do we serve in our local community and the world beyond Durango?

Emotional HealthWe will be intentional about spiritual growth and have honest accountability.  (Scripture – John 13: 34-35, Hebrews 10: 23-25, John 15: 9-17) Tough Questions: Who are companions with us on our spiritual journey? To whom are we accountable for our daily walk?

Offer Grace: We will live out the love of Christ in ways that connect with those with spiritually questions and wonderings. (Scriptures – John 20:21; Matthew 28:19-20; 1 Corinthians 9:19-23) Tough Questions: When was the last time I had a meaningful conversation with someone who doesn’t believe as I do? What questions do they have I need to hear?

Compassionate Hearts: We care for those who are hurting. (Scripture – James 5: 13-16; Luke 13:10-13; Mark 10:45) Tough Question: When and how do we help those in our family and community in need?

Intergenerational: We will invest in the lives of future generations. (Scripture: Proverbs 22:6; Mark 10: 13-16) Tough Questions: When was the last time I had a conversation with someone 20 years younger? Or older?

Relevance: We are committed to being vibrant and culturally relevant for all generations. (Scriptures: Colossians 4:5-6, 1 Corinthians 9:19-23; Acts 15:8-11) Tough Questions: Have I listened to the important concerns of individuals in the generations older and younger than myself? Of those in a different culture or political belief?

Biblical: The Bible is the foundation of our faith and helps us understand who and whose we are. (Scripture – 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:19-21; Luke: 2:46-47) Is the Bible a key asset in my life? Do I use the Bible to sort through tough questions of life faith?


These foundational values undergird our Mission, why we are here as a church, to: Build Community, Change Lives and Bring Hope. This Mission enables us to live into our Vision to Be Jesus Christ to the World. All our ministries and life together as a faith community is set up to live into this Mission and Vision as we seek to love God and others as we love ourselves.


Summit Church is a part of the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Methodist Church system which has their headquarters in Denver, Colorado.  The local governing board, or Church Council, is made up of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, chairpersons of the various sub-committees, youth representatives, and at-large members.  The Church Council meets quarterly to conduct the business of the church.

The following sub-committees also meet regularly to attend to their specific business and report to the Council:  Missions, Trustees, Staff Parish Relations, and Finance.  There are other ad hoc or short-term committees also formed to address specific needs or issues of the congregation and community.

The church operates all business on a calendar year with committee members and chairpersons being voted on by the congregation at the December/January Charge Conference.  This meeting is open to anyone who attends the church, however, only actual members are allowed to cast a vote.

The current church staff is led by a Senior Pastor and also includes an Associate Pastor, Business Manager, Youth Pastor, Children and Families Director, College Student Ministry Director, and several office and music/worship staff.  For contact information and a brief biography of the key staff members, please go to Resources/Meet Our Staff.