What is so good about forgiveness?

We find more than 125 passages about forgiveness in our New Testament and several hundred in the Hebrew Bible, or your Old Testament. There is story after story of how our God is one of forgiveness and how we are called to live as forgiving people. Resentment is a disease that will eat you up from the inside.  Dr. Bob Enright, UW Madison Professor and Forgiveness researcher, says Forgiveness can help cure you. If someone has wronged you, as soon as they’re inside your head and your heart, they’ve won. Forgiveness can remove the resentment and cleanse your head and your heart. Dr. Enright founded the International Forgiveness Institute. It’s doing miraculous work around the world. for our sermon series on forgiveness at Summit Church, we will be following along with Dr. Enright’s book, “8 Keys to Forgiveness”. If you would like to purchase his book to use in your Small Groups or to read at home, please click here.


Pastor Jeff conducted a series of interviews with Dr. Enright, Suzanne Freedman, and Jonathan Little in preparation for this sermon series. We have included portions of these interviews below. Watch these videos and dive deeper into your journey to forgiveness.

Current Sermon Series

70×7 – The Road to Forgiveness

While it might seem like a simple thing, forgiveness can be a difficult process. Whether we need peace with a situation, a loved one, or a total stranger, the process of forgiveness is an art and a science. Let’s learn how Jesus leads us through forgiveness to get our year off to a great start.