Directional Team

The Directional Team is our local governing board and is made up of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, three reps that coordinate our finances, three reps that coordinate personnel, and three reps that coordinate building needs. They are all church members and meet monthly with the Lead Pastor and Operations Director to give direction to the business of the church and ensure we are leaning into our Mission, Strategic Vision, and Operational Values which you can find HERE. The church operates all business on a calendar year with leadership for all ministry teams being voted on by the congregation at the December/January Annual Charge Conference, which is an all-church meeting. This meeting is open to anyone who attends the church, and all members have a vote. Our current list of leadership teams and their members can be found HERE The current church staff is led by a Lead Pastor and Senior Leadership Team. For contact information and a brief biography of our staff members, please go to Meet Our Staff.


Tami Joslin



Brett Bronson

Vice Chair-2024



Jenny Wickett

Trustee Rep 1 – 2023



Brody Guion

Trustee Rep 2 – 2024



Jaimie Marquez

Trustee Rep 3 – 2025



Dave Thomas

Finance Rep 1 – 2023


Erin Hamlin

Finance Rep 2 – 2023


Dan Howell

Finance Rep 3 – 2022


Ed Dudley

SPR Rep 1 – 2022

Kit Hackett

SPR Rep 2 – 2024

Young Adult Rep (age 18-35)



Linda Looman

SPR Rep 3 – 2023

Deb Tavarez

Recording Secretary


Jeff Huber

Lead Pastor


Robb Bourdon

Director of Administration

Susie Robertson

Thrift Store Chair – 2023