Local Counselors

Local Counselors 

Many of us experience the need to seek help from a counselor at some point in our life. If you need counseling, you may contact Pastor Jeff Huber at jeff@summitdurango.org or Julia Griffith at julia@summitdurango.org for assistance and/or a referral to a local counselor. We also have a special fund for young people struggling with suicide or depression. If needed, funds may be available through the church for counseling assistance provided by any one of the following practitioners: 

Kati Bachman   759-9981   grief therapist specializing in end of life, group therapy 

Brent & Renee Dixon   442-7334   couples, adolescents, individuals, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief 

Susan McAward   799-1605   individual, marriage/couples, teens, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse healing, trauma, and sexual addiction 

LeAnn R. Shaw   903-4607   adolescents, adults, couples, and families 

Melinda Jameson   247-1444   play therapy, adoption issues, attachment issues, teens 

Tiffany Rose   719-395-1223    couples, marriage, familyindividuals 

Darren McKinnis   676-1029   marriage, grief, depression, adolescence, health-related counseling, men’s health, adults              

Lillian Ramey   749-4491   trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, grief & loss, family conflict, relationship issues, personal growth 

Susie Robertson   759-3344   children & adolescents 5-18, high functioning autism and gifted, college advising and parent coaching 

Katy Pytte   903-4769   child, adolescent, and family counseling 

Additional therapy options in the Durango community are listed below. 

Dr. Doug Miller   382-2680   neurofeedback, adults, anxiety, depression, phase of life difficulties 

Norm Gottlieb   749-1357   depression, anxiety, grief support 

Bruce Haring   259-6698   teens 

Michael Karpfen  259-7408   marriage & family counseling 

Julie Madden   749-7547   marriage & family counseling, grief support 

Eric Powell   382-6690   adolescents 

Denise Schenk   749-4049   trauma, addiction, marriage for individuals & couples 

Kristen Spiegel   749-6139   registered play therapist, children, youth, family 

Terry Stout   382-0818   traditional, hypnotherapy, holistic 

Cole Awdish   403-5488   trauma with teens and adults, depression, anxiety (faith-based) 

Judy Austin   764-7142     grief counseling 

Sierra Williams   422-7334 x803   addiction, with a background in wilderness therapy 

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