There are kids in La Plata County who need help. They’ve been abused, neglected, or abandoned. We have a team that is helping these kids and their families to put their lives back together. You can be a member of this team as a foster parent. Even though it’s temporary, the benefits you provide can last a lifetime.

La Plata County Foster/Adopt Facts:

· Foster/Adopt families provide foster care for abused and neglected infants, children, and youth.

· On average, 75% of infants, children and youth return home to their biological family.

· On average, 25% of infants, children, and youth will need a permanency plan due to reunification with biological family not being an option.

· La Plata County has 8 certified foster/adopt homes.

· La Plata County needs at least 8 – 10 more foster homes.

· La Plata County has a need for foster homes that will accept older children and teenagers.

· Certification allows for up to four foster children at a time.

· Foster/Adopt families are paid a daily maintenance rate for their care of foster children.

For More information about becoming a foster parent, contact: Charmaine Summers at La Plata County Department of Human Services: 970-382-6157 or