Teaching Kids to Pray

11 Creative Ideas for Teaching Kids How to Pray

When we think about worship, sometimes, we only think about the signing aspect of service. There is so much more to worship than just singing – preparation, confession, hearing and responding to the Word of God, and prayer to name a few.

We are going to focus on the aspect of prayer. Some questions to consider:
– How often do you pray as a family? Is it the same prayer or does it change?
– Who prays? Do you all take turns praying or does one person tend to pray?
– What do you pray about?
– Can prayer look different for different people?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, just questions to think and ponder.

This article from Ministry Spark talks about 11 Creative Ideas for Teaching Kids How to Pray. Prayer doesn’t have to look the same. God wants us to have an open heart and mind when we go into conversation with Him. My hope this month is that you and your family will try one, two, or maybe all 11 ways to pray. As the month comes to a close, reflect back on what kind of prayers worked well for your family and what you would do differently. Has your family adopted a new way of praying?


Worship As a Family

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, Be with us in every day life.  Help us to worship you when it’s easy and when it’s hard.  Thank you for allowing us to worship you freely and help us to spread your light to everyone around us.  Amen. 


Curriculum update:

We are taking a two week break from our normal Dig In curriculum.  We learned about why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this past weekend and will learn about John the Baptist the weekend of March 25/26.  We will learn about Palm Sunday, Easter and then take 4 weeks to learn about the Lord’s Prayer.