Summit Church offers meaningful opportunities to live our mission through service. Beginning May 4th/5th, we will make finding the right Service Team easier than ever with “Live the Mission.” The first weekend of every month our church family takes communion together. Join us in the La Plata room after service to find even more community on one of our many Serving Teams! Live the Mission is a monthly offering intended to help our church family get informed and easily sign up for service opportunities that honor their time and talent. Serving is part of who we are as a church. If you call Summit your church home, we encourage you to serve with us once a month. Serving Teams are a wonderful way to be part of what we are doing at Summit. Our hope is that each of us can experience community and spiritual growth as we live our mission to love God, love others, and Share the Good News through service. If you have any questions, email our serving director Katy Kopec at