As the summer comes to a close, I want to make sure everyone is aware of what youth group is going to look like this school year.

Starting September 3rd, Middle School will be meeting Sunday evenings from 5-7pm at the church! We will have food, games, worship, and a lesson. Please bring your Bible each week. We will be going through a study on Discovering the gospel through the big-picture story of the Bible! I hope to see you there.
If you would like to help with Middle school, please see how you can help through VOMO

Starting, September 6th, High School will be meeting Wednesday nights from 6-8pm at the church! We will have food, games, worship and a lesson! We will be going through a series on building a faith that lasts! Students are encouraged to bring a hard copy Bible not just their phones.
If you are interested in helping with High School, please sign up via VOMO.

If you student is in need of a new Bible, please do not hesitate to ask! We also have them on the Parent Resource wall in the church hallway by the Fellowship Hall.

If you have questions, please email Kelsey at [email protected]